Thursday, December 8, 2022

The Art Of Magic Tricks

Magic tricks are enjoyed by people from all over the world. It is something that seems to be a universal language that entertains both young and old. Many people attempt to become amateur magicians as a way of entertaining family and friends. If someone wants to become a good magician, it would be helpful to […]

Teaching Your Child Magic Tricks

When it comes to fun family entertainment, consider teaching your child old fashioned magic tricks. This is a great way to kill time while waiting for an event to start or to stop those annoying questions of “are we there yet?” while driving in the car. Consider bringing clever magic tricks with you on vacation […]

Ready To Make Photo Magic Tricks

Adobe Photoshop has certainly been one of the most effective catalysts in media, entertainment and popular culture. It’s no wonder people are flocking to learn how to use it. Adobe has already released several higher versions of Photoshop (the latest being CS5) but Photoshop remains popular with many users. This ‘old version’ of Photoshop doesn’t […]

Magic In The World Of Entertainment

Part of the difficulty of being a stage magician in this day and age comes from the impossibility of living up to magical phenomena as seen in popular culture. Non-illusionists can only imagine how difficult it was to be a stage magician in the aftermath of the Harry Potter books and movies, as people are […]

The Use Of The Word “Magic”

Half the time, when we use the word magic, we are not actually referring to anything with magical properties but rather something that is an illusion or singularly impressive. A very gifted sports player might often be referred to as having magical feet or hands, when what they really have is a specific gift for […]

The Magician’s Starter Kit – Props You Will Need

If you are planning to perform illusionist tricks, there is only so much you can do just using sleight of hand. Items borrowed from audience members and simple stage accoutrements can get you some of the way, but the audience will expect certain stalwart parts of the show which can only be achieved with the […]

Hocus Pocus – The Mystery of Magic

If you want to impress people with magic, or illusion, you need to make sure that you draw their attention in a way which makes the trick all the more individual. Being an illusionist of average talent is not all that difficult – enough practice and we could all perform certain tricks. It is how […]