Friday, February 3, 2023

Tips On How To Do Magic Tricks For Free!

I’m often asked what the best way to start to learn how to do magic tricks would be, and although it can be different from person to person, I’m sure I can provide a few hints and tips that may help and probably more importantly, – what you should try to avoid. I think the […]

Magic Tricks And Kids A Great Combination

It’s always enjoyable performing magic tricks for an appreciative audience. Once you get a few magic tricks under your belt, you’ll be hooked on performing your craft because there is something really rewarding when a well executed magic trick leaves your audience in disbelief and applauding all at the same time… and that’s the real […]

Tricks – Inventing Magic

Creating magic illusions is an increadibly satisfying aspect of magic that many magicians overlook. It leaves you with a unique trick that the audience will hopefully remember you by. However, there are many reasons why most magicians use off-the-shelf magic tricks. This article will explain some of the reasons for and against making illusions, and […]

Tricks – Black Art

Black art is an old form of magic that is rarely used today in its original form. The effect black art produces is fantastic, it is as close to trick photography as you can get without a camera! A magician practising black art will find a stage and dim the lights. While he and his […]

5 Magic Tricks to Attract a Romanian Woman

So many men have asked me to share some secrets on how to attract a Romanian woman. A long term relationship with a Romanian woman is a very rewarding experience (if you’re with the right person) and will lead you to a level of satisfaction like you have never experienced before. When selecting a Romanian […]

The Magician’s Starter Kit – Props You Will Need

If you are planning to perform illusionist tricks, there is only so much you can do just using sleight of hand. Items borrowed from audience members and simple stage accoutrements can get you some of the way, but the audience will expect certain stalwart parts of the show which can only be achieved with the […]

Hocus Pocus – The Mystery of Magic

If you want to impress people with magic, or illusion, you need to make sure that you draw their attention in a way which makes the trick all the more individual. Being an illusionist of average talent is not all that difficult – enough practice and we could all perform certain tricks. It is how […]

Magic Is All About The Show

Performing magic – or illusion – is really about more than just the trick that you do. There are certain magic tricks which, with the right amount of practice, we could all perform relatively easily. However, making a magic show is about a lot more than that. To really make it fly, you’ve got to […]

What Is Magic, And What Isn’t?

Magic, for some people, will always be a good way of explaining the seemingly unexplainable. At least, there will always be an impulse to put these things down to supernatural forces. There may be countless more believable explanations if one looks deep enough and if one has the full facts at hand, but for the […]

Magic, Illusion And Our Minds

When you are a child, one question that you are sure to be asked is “Do you believe in magic?”. You are almost conditioned from that point to not believe in it, because answering “yes” is more likely to result in the mockery of older children than it is to bring any positive results. After […]